May – HaeRi Jeon

May is here and the prompts are ready to inspire you. HaeRi Jeon has put together a list of prompts that will (hopefully) take you on an emotionally inspiring journey.

More about HaeRi:

HaeRi is working on acrylic paintings about episodes in her life and the people around her. She depicts herself and the characters in her life as different animal characters. She just started her artistic career recently. She is also an events planner for various art and cultural projects.

It was the 2020 COVID time when she really started to explore her art. She was on what started as a working holiday in Australia but turned into a working lockdown. HaeRi was having a very hard time – overloaded with very physically intense work and being away from Korea during a pandemic. Drawing with oil pastels in her spare time gave her the peace of mind she desperately craved.

She tried many different paintings such as the cityscapes and abstract paintings, but they weren’t her thing. She is a self-taught artist who didn’t receive a formal art education. Her work focuses on highlights from her daily routine, beautiful memories from living away from home, memories with her beloved, and emotions for people around her. She started to express her ‘comparatively not important private stories’ on paper with a dash of her unique humor.

Seeing the audience chattering about the paintings as if viewing the biographical record of a storyteller who has traveled the world collecting interesting experiences, gives her great joy. She truly enjoys seeing people feeling happy and interested while looking at her paintings.

Her dream is to be a professional artist a few years from now. She is working at the agency while planning and carrying out some art and cultural project with other local artists. Watch this space!

해리는 이제 막 그림을 그리기 시작한 새내기 아티스트이자 기획자이다.

현재는 본인과 주변인과의 에피소드를 다양한 동물 캐릭터로 담아 아크릴로 표현하는 작업을 하고 있음.

그녀가 예술활동을 하게 된 계기는 20년도 코로나로 인한 새로운 취미생활의 시작부터이다.

당시 호주에서 워킹홀리데이를 하며 고된 육체 노동으로 피곤하고 무서운 삶을 살고 있었다. 여가시간에 오일파스텔로 그림을 그리며 조금씩 마음의 안정을 찾아갔다. 도시풍경도 그려보고, 추상화도 시도해봤지만 예술교육을 받은 적 없는 그녀에게 가장 적합한 주제는 그녀의 하루 일과의 하이라이트, 타향살이의 아름다운 추억, 사랑하는 사람들과의 추억, 주변인에 대한 감정에 관한 것들이었다.

새삼 중요치 않은 개인적인 이야기들을 종이 위에 표현해나기 시작했다. 용맹한 호랑이의 모습으로 저만의 유머를 섞어서. 전시를 찾은 사람들에게는 저잣거리의 전기수처럼 그림에 대해 수다를 떨어본다. 람들이 본인의 작품을 보고 재밌어 하는 것이 너무 즐겁다고 한다.

앞으로 수년 이후 프로페셔널한 아티스트가 되는 것이 꿈이라고한다. 현재는 기획사에 근무하며 지역의 예술가들을 위한 다양한 문화예술 콘텐츠를 기획하고 실행하는 일을 하고 있다.

HaeRi’s blog

Do keep in mind that making a drawing a day can become quite overwhelming. It is up to you how you tackle this challenge. If you are feeling ambitious, challenge yourself to make a drawing a day. If you’d like to spend more time with one prompt that is completely fine too. It’s 100% up to you.

Use the daily drawing challenge to:

  • Develop a skill or a technique you are interested in
  • Play with new techniques
  • Unwind and focus on one thing at the end of the day
  • Challenge yourself to do something consistently for a year
  • Connect with other people who are joining the challenge