What is Night of a 1000 Drawings?

1000 Drawings is an art-for-charity initiative that aims to change lives. It started in Johannesburg, South Africa and has since spread across the globe with events in Berlin, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, and now Daejeon.

1000 Drawings Daejeon was launched in 2018 and is slowly growing and building a community of loyal attendees and creative followers. The goal is to eventually have a big inner-city art exhibition like to ones in Johannesburg.

How It Works


Attend a 1000 Drawings event and make as many drawings as you wish. Or draw at home. Need inspiration? We have daily drawing prompts.

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All drawings made at our events are donated to the organizers and put up for sale. You are also welcome to donate drawings that you’ve made at home.


All drawings are put in an exhibition at the end of the year and are available for purchase at ₩10,000 per piece.

All proceeds go to the Daejeon Foster Care Centre.

Featured Drawings