February – Wendy Morison

We continue our daily drawing challenge for 2022. We have asked Wendy Morison, artist and all-around inspiring person, to conjure up 29 drawing prompts for February.

The following prompts are meant to inspire and encourage you to explore your creativity.

More about Wendy:

Wendy is an artist and educator. She currently focuses on botanical artwork. Through her work, she hopes to share the beauty of nature, and also create awareness of, and appreciation for, endangered plants.

“A passionate and dedicated art teacher, who truly valued the arts and encouraged exploration, changed the course of my life. Instead of studying law I decided to study commercial art. I worked in the industry as a designer and illustrator, and finally became a teacher myself.

While teaching, I continued to do freelance illustration but observed my art becoming more-and-more tight and constrained, and noticed how I often worked with a feeling of anxiety. I was regressing and losing the initial joy I felt while creating that had steered me toward studying and pursuing art as a career. Why? What was happening? I realise that by chasing deadlines and meeting client’s expectations I had become fixated on the outcome! The pleasure of the exploratory process was being lost. When we focus solely on the outcome something (magical) is lost.

I have been an educator now for over 15 years (in South Africa and Asia) and noticed the exact same phenomenon I witnessed while working as an illustrator. It is all outcome based! It’s all about good grades and avoiding risk. Yet I’ve come to know that learning should fundamentally change you! It is a transformative process. If you play it safe, fear being stretched and produce what is expected, you are not evolving. You are not growing. You are not truly learning. Real learning sometimes involves crashing off the path and being entangled in weeds. Learning involves being brave and entering the desert where the only way out is through. Learning involves entering a new realm with a sense of curiosity and being open to what is revealed.”


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We’ve learned from experience that making a drawing every single day is a great challenge but can also become quite stressful. It is up to you how you tackle this challenge. If you want to take on this challenge, go for it! If at any time you feel overwhelmed or pressured, take a break. We want you to enjoy making drawings.

Use the daily drawing challenge to:

  • Develop a skill or a technique you are interested in
  • Play with new techniques
  • Unwind and focus on one thing at the end of the day
  • Challenge yourself to do something consistently for a year
  • Connect with other people who are joining the challenge