September – Rosalie o. Knaack

The prompts for September have been prepared by Rosalie Osborn Knaack, an artist, and all-around inspirational person living in Okcheon (near Daejeon).

Rosalie has her solo exhibition Impressions, a solo exhibition happening at Small Window Big Landscape Gallery (작은창큰풍경협동조합) from September 2 until September 16. Do check it out if you are in Daejeon!

Here are some of the pieces and work that she’ ha’s been working on lately. Follow the progress of her work and the studio on Instagram.

More about Rosalie:

As a child, Rosalie grew up moving frequently, so it’s no surprise that she moved to Korea. The surprise is that she has stayed so long! In the last 15 years, Rosalie studied ceramics at Konyang National University, settled in her home in Okcheon- along with her spouse and clowder of cats- and established a small ceramic studio. She teaches English, art history, and sustainable agriculture during the week at JoongBu University, and hosts ceramics classes at her studio on the weekends.

While ceramics may be Rosalie’s artistic focus, she is excited to try any method of artistic expression. She started out in the arts as a musician, getting a degree in music in 2005 and performing in a variety of musicals and operas until going to graduate school for ceramic design in 2012. Over the years, Rosalie has explored painting, drawing, metal working, lino printing, mono printing, decorative knot making, cyanotype, and any other technique that came her way.

For several years, Rosalie’s artwork focused on exploring life, death, and the interconnectedness of species through skulls, skeletons, and botanical imagery. She tries to show the value of all life, and that we should focus on living our lives to the fullest rather than fearing death.

Death came into clear focus worldwide with the coronavirus pandemic. As we all spent years staying home and social distancing, Rosalie shifted her attention to her immediate environment.

“I looked around me, at my yard, at my village, and thought about how our surroundings influence us. What impressions do they make on us? My recent work and my prompts for 2022 look at the world immediately surrounding me- the plants and animals, the change of the season. Fall reminds us that the end of the year is coming, but there is so much beauty in the end, and the new beginning of Spring will be here before we know it.”

Use the daily drawing challenge to:

  • Develop a skill or a technique you are interested in
  • Play with new techniques
  • Unwind and focus on one thing at the end of the day
  • Challenge yourself to do something consistently for a year
  • Connect with other people who are joining the challenge