July – Terry Chun

It’s July and we’re officially halfway through the year. Most of us, in the northern hemisphere at least, find ourselves on vacation with a little bit of extra time to play and experiment. The prompts for July have been thought up by Terry Chun and much like their creator, they’re a little unconventional.

This month you get three sets of 10 words; an artist (style), a setting, and an object. You get to make a drawing of an object from the list, in a setting from the list, in the style of an artist from the list, or as you imagine they would’ve approached it. Mix and match as you like. Or just focus on one prompt at a time. You make the rules.

Suggestion: You could use it as an opportunity to learn from the masters by copying their style – figuring out how they painted/made something and the process they used. By closely examining the work of great artists, you train your eye to look for detail and process and in doing so gain a deeper appreciation for their skill.

More about Terry

Terry Chun is a Korean American creative living in Daejeon. Currently, his works deal with paint as a medium. Working between enamels and acrylics. He hopes to find ways of combining the techniques and influences of artists he finds on YouTube. As well as ideas he identifies locally and in nature.

We’ve learned from experience that making a drawing every single day is a great challenge but can also become quite stressful. It is up to you how you tackle this challenge. If you are feeling ambitious, challenge yourself to make a drawing a day. If you’d like to spend more time with one prompt that is completely fine too. It’s 100% up to you.

Use the daily drawing challenge to:

  • Develop a skill or a technique you are interested in
  • Play with new techniques
  • Unwind and focus on one thing at the end of the day
  • Challenge yourself to do something consistently for a year
  • Connect with other people who are joining the challenge